Update Week of 4/14 – 4/20

Well, it has been another busy week in the world of Lens. Working on code, setting up puzzles, and overall being in high spirits. We had our fourth playtesting session this week and have been using all of our feedback to further improve our game. This week has been very productive for us, so allow me to update you on what we have been up to!

Development on the Temple has been continuing, as always. Did you know that if you walk on the floor, you aren’t supposed to fall into space? Who knew! The outline of the temple has been going through some minor alterations to improve the overall feel and give a more cohesive experience. Puzzles in the temple are also going through some changes to help players get to know how to use the lens.

The Canyon has also been getting a face lift. Our canyon has had the same look ever since we first put it up in our game, and now we are trying to update that look. We are making the rocks for the walls look better so that you won’t be seeing the same rock next to its 15 identical twins. Another update to the Canyon is that the fabled Beacons are now in the canyon. When our traveler finishes a puzzle, they will find a Beacon at the end and will now be able to activate it, sending a beam of light across the sky!

That’s a lot of progress, right? Feel like you need a break and would like to come back to it later? Well you can!!! Lens has a new save/load game feature that allows you to go through and continue from where you left off. This feature is still being worked on and will be ready to go by the time the game launches.

Our art team has been cranking out amazing assets for the world of Lens. Seriously, how do they do this so quickly? As we stated earlier, we added quite a few new members since we started and they have been helping tremendously. We have been working on getting the Temple outfitted with more finalized assets as well as adding more assets to the Canyon. Look forward to seeing more and more of their crazy awesome work.

And, most recently, we have added a new musician to our merry crew. Pearce Merritt will be adding his talent to the game to help us get background music in. We will be having sample music from the game up soon so look forward to hearing it for yourself.

Well, that is all for now. Tune in next time for another exciting episode of… LENS DEVELOPMENT BLOG!!!

– Out Of Focus Games

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