Lens is a First-Person puzzle exploration game.  Placed on a mysterious island, players navigate various puzzle and platforming challenges, requiring them to be aware of their surroundings and using this knowledge of the environment to progress.  By exploring this island, they will uncover the past of the two mirror societies that inhabited it.

The Lens

 Players are in possession of the Lens, a device that can see into another world, similar to, but slightly different then their own.  By paying attention to these differences, the player can make their way through these broken worlds.   The Lens also has the power to transfer objects between realities, allowing players to “pull” objects from the other world, and “push” objects into it.

Players also posses a JournalThe Journal will provide  insights into the world, and the character’s own past.  Collecting notes and the accounts of Lost Souls, the islands former inhabitants trapped between worlds, will yield further story and reflection on your path to mend what was broken.