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Lens Art – Alec

This is another post I’ve been meaning to write for a while, outlining our art workflow on Lens. Coming into the project, many people on Lens had never worked on a 3D game before.  No one had worked on one of this scale.  Our art workflow was very much something we were constantly iterating on […]

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IGF submission and a new version of Lens

Lens has been submitted to the Independent Games Festival as of the end of October!  This post comes a little late, but you can find our submission in the Student competition here and the main competition here, as well as take a look through all the other amazing looking entries. We’ve also put up a new […]

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The Progression of the Lens- Part 1

Hello, Alec here, talking about the visual progression of the Lens itself.  The visual elements of the Lens sort of became a pet project of mine and I’ve been wanting to write this for a while.  It got very long, so I’m breaking it into pieces. Fall Quarter: Prototyping and Greenlight The first iterations of […]

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Sprint 1 Art Update

Art Production these past two weeks has primarily been focused on the Temple Area, which has been the focus of this first Spring sprint.  A lot of this has been diverted to not only creating new assets, but updating our old ones (optimizing, (re)texturing, remaking).  Moving forward, we’re going to be diverting more people to […]

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