The Team

Jason Judd Roth

JasonCropped Jason is the mind behind the idea of Lens, which has since turned into something much greater then he originally envisioned. He works on many different aspects of the game, but mostly on gameplay programming, shaders, puzzles and 3D modeling.Team Roles: Product Owner, Programmer, Puzzle Designer, Shader Designer.

Adam Burns

AdamBCropped “If you can’t make it good, make it shiny. If you can’t make it shiny, make it glow. If you can’t make it glow, blow it up.” These words of wisdom, imparted by an anonymous bystander, have been Adam’s guide to success in shader and materials development. Fortunately for the rest of the team, he’s become quite proficient at making things shiny and almost nothing has exploded in months. Adam is also responsible for the in-game journal, and a now entirely discarded system of render occlusion and optimizations for the game’s two-world setup.Team Roles: Programmer, Shader Designer.

Adam Magleby

AdamMCropped Adam Magleby works on many areas of the game, primarily focusing on creating puzzles for the canyon and plateau regions. He is also working on creating sound effects for the world of Lens. He is known for his love of puns and likes to sing while working.Team Roles: Programmer, Puzzle Designer, Sound Designer.

Alec Asperslag

AlecCropped Alec Asperslag is a 3D modeler and programmer who likes building worlds.  He is putting his skills to work crafting the Lens itself, designing levels, and marshalling a small army of artists.  He will also hide blue cubes everywhere, and no one will be able to find them quickly enough to stop him.Team Roles: 3D Modeler, Art Director, Programmer.

Andrew Facchiano

IMG_0579 Andrew Facchiano is a programmer and designer dedicated to making unique and interesting games. He has been hard at work writing scripts, designing challenges, and organizing playtesting sessions to make sure that Lens is the best it can be.Team Roles: Level Designer, Programmer and Puzzle Designer.

Forest Hibbard

Forest Profile Image Forest Hibbard is the writer for Lens and continues to work on many of the game’s puzzles. He has worked hard with the rest of the team to create a compeling world for Lens with it’s narrative experience and it’s puzzle design. He desperately hopes that five times is the charm and that the game’s story won’t need anymore re-writing, but accepts the inevitable.Team Roles: Lead Writer, Programmer, Puzzle Designer.

Franklin Plagman

Franklin Profile Image Franklin Plagman is very passionate about game design and has recently acquired a newfound love for level design. Franklin is the level designer in charge of development of the canyon area of Lens; as such, he works together with all of the puzzle designers to develop the canyon environment and ensure that it is openly explorable and filled with challenging puzzles that merge well with the storyline. He also works on puzzle designs and 3D modeling for some elements of the canyon.Team Roles: 3D Modeler, Level Designer, Programmer, Puzzle Designer.

Jon Lew

DSC_2480 Jon Lew is more than 8000 miles and 13 hours away, in the small country of Singapore.  Having been at UCSC for 2 quarters last year, he fell in love with the game design program at UCSC and wanted to continue collaborating with people here.  He’ll be working on the team as a programmer, level/puzzle designer and help out with anything needed.Team Roles: Programmer, Level Designer, Puzzle Designer

Matthew Browne

MattCropped Team Roles: 3D Modeler, Level Designer, Programmer, Puzzle Designer.

Michael Rubino

MichaelCropped Michael is an avid gamer and dedicated musician. He enjoys participating in many of the creative and technical aspects of game design, as well as developing websites and Arduino interfaces for various digital art projects. He is tasked with implementing all sound effects and related code in Lens, as well as assisting in model creation, programming, and managing the game’s website.Team Roles: 3D Modeler, Composer, Programmer, Sound Designer, Webmaster.

Ting Gan

Ting Gan Ting helps out with just about everything in the project. He has created much of the 3D assets in the Temple area. He has also been helping with level and puzzle design in most regions of the game.Team Roles: 3D Modeler, Level Designer, Programmer, Puzzle Designer, Webmaster.

Pearce Merritt

empty-profile Pearce is a 2012 UCSC graduate who studied both computer science and electronic music composition. He plays and composes primarily on piano and strives to create polyphonic music with a heavy emphasis on rhythm. While commuting home from work he can often be seen in his little car pumping his fists victoriously to the orchestral magic of “The Legend Of Zelda 25th Anniversary Soundtrack”.Team Roles: Composer.

Aaron Desin

AaronCropped Aaron Desin is a first-year at UCSC and a 3D modeler. He is experienced in graphic design, level design and music composition. Outside of school, Aaron enjoys extreme ironing, Facebook stalking, and planking.Team Roles: 3D Modeler, Composer.

Mared Hidalgo

MaredCropped Team Roles: 3D Modeler.

Bill Lin

BillCropped Team Roles: 3D Modeler.

Remington Maxwell

RemingtonCropped Remington Maxwell is a first-year Game Design student at UCSC. She enjoys using computers to do all the hard work and to express her artistic side through 3D modeling. Remington is passionate about animation and is a huge fan of Disney movies, particularly Wall-E.Team Roles: 3D Modeler.

Gina Nagel

GinaCropped Gina is a freshman game design student at UCSC. She currently models for Lens alongside her other classes; she misses actually having time to play games.Team Roles: 3D Modeler.

Taran Lu

TaranCropped Taran Lu is a fourth year student double majoring in CS: Game Design and Art. His primary interest is 3D modeling and animation, but he also has significant experience with traditional 2D media. Currently, he is not getting enough sleep.Team Roles: 3D Modeler, Concept Artist.

Michael Ungerer

UngererCropped Michael is a second year Game Design student at UCSC. He enjoys 3D modeling and sculpting. When he isn’t working, he enjoys scuba diving and playing games on his laptop, but never at the same time.Team Roles: 3D Modeler.

Joshua Carrenca

empty-profile Joshua Carrenca is an alumni of UCSC and now works freelance, but he has returned to work with the senior game class! His quest to find a compelling and unique game world to help create has led him to the Lens team. Joshua’s role is to create concept art to help design the world and characters of Lens. In addition to making concept art, Joshua also helps out with making 3D models and textures. He is a pretty cool guy and doesn’t afraid of anything.Team Roles: 3D Modeler, Concept Artist, Texturer.

Benjamin Cooney

BenjaminCropped Team Roles: 3D Modeler.

Richard Lee

empty-profile Team Roles: 3D Modeler.