Two World Rendering – Is it in the Right Layer?!

I get asked how we render the lens effect in our game from time to time, so I thought I would go into the process of how we did it. It’s honestly not too difficult, it just required understanding a few rendering concepts and a couple of tricks (ie hacks lol). Also, there are a […]

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Lens Art – Alec

This is another post I’ve been meaning to write for a while, outlining our art workflow on Lens. Coming into the project, many people on Lens had never worked on a 3D game before.  No one had worked on one of this scale.  Our art workflow was very much something we were constantly iterating on […]

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IGF submission and a new version of Lens

Lens has been submitted to the Independent Games Festival as of the end of October!  This post comes a little late, but you can find our submission in the Student competition here and the main competition here, as well as take a look through all the other amazing looking entries. We’ve also put up a new […]

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Lens is a finalist for Best Student Project at the 2013 Unity Awards!

Yesterday we were excited and honored to find out that Lens has been selected as a finalist for the 2013 Unity Awards for the Best Student Project category. It’s awesome to be selected with so many other great games, both student and professional alike. You can checkout all the finalist over at The awards show […]

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The Progression of the Lens – Part 2

Our adventure continues!  Part I can be found here. Winter Quarter Finalization: So with a few ideas, we set forth designing a Lens.  At this point our idea was of something roughly circular (which had gone over well in terms of visibility), floating, and could function as a HUD for the player. A few other […]

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The Progression of the Lens- Part 1

Hello, Alec here, talking about the visual progression of the Lens itself.  The visual elements of the Lens sort of became a pet project of mine and I’ve been wanting to write this for a while.  It got very long, so I’m breaking it into pieces. Fall Quarter: Prototyping and Greenlight The first iterations of […]

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Weekly Update – 4/29 – 5/4

Hey everyone who reads this, Jason here! We are nearing the end of week one of our third sprint, and things are starting to come along nicely. The main push this sprint continues to be the temple, as it’s an asset heavy scene with lots of little things going on; like teaching players how to […]

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Update Week of 4/14 – 4/20

Well, it has been another busy week in the world of Lens. Working on code, setting up puzzles, and overall being in high spirits. We had our fourth playtesting session this week and have been using all of our feedback to further improve our game. This week has been very productive for us, so allow […]

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Sprint 1 Art Update

Art Production these past two weeks has primarily been focused on the Temple Area, which has been the focus of this first Spring sprint.  A lot of this has been diverted to not only creating new assets, but updating our old ones (optimizing, (re)texturing, remaking).  Moving forward, we’re going to be diverting more people to […]

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